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Is Anybody There?

July 15, 1986

Dear MCI:

It's more than a week now since the blessings of equal-access long-distance dialing came to our home, but we have not yet been able to make a single long-distance call using your system.

When we dial 1 and the number that we're trying to call, we reach a recording that says, "The number you have dialed may be invalid or have restricted use. For additional information, call 1-800-368-6900." When we dial that number, we reach another recording saying that the first number has been changed (!), and that we should dial 950-1088 and then 275-7270. We've dialed that a few times and either get no answer or a sharp, annoying tone or are put on endless hold.

This experience has raised a few questions in our mind, to wit:

1. Why does the first recording give a phone number that is no longer in use?

2. Is there any phone number by which you can be reached?

3. What ever possessed Judge Harold Greene to order the dismantling of AT&T?


A customer.

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