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Baseball Miscellany

July 20, 1986|ROSS NEWHAN

Amid rumors that he will be traded to the Houston Astros or San Diego Padres, Davey Lopes of the Chicago Cubs is about to join some select company of another kind.

Lopes has stolen 16 bases for the Cubs and needs only 8 more to become the single-season champion among those 40 and older.

The leaders:

Player Year Age Steals Honus Wagner 1914 40 23 Willie Mays 1971 40 23 Honus Wagner 1915 41 22 Ty Cobb 1927 40 22 Lou Brock 1979 40 21 Davey Lopes 1986 40 16

Note: Last season, at 39, Lopes stole 47 bases.

The Milwaukee Brewers' Rob Deer hits the ball with such power that bleacher fans at County Stadium carry signs reading: "Deer Crossing." Deer, however, struck out at an average of once every 2.58 at-bats through the first half to lead the majors.

Others in the top 10: John Russell of Philadelphia, 2.59; Pete Incaviglia of Texas, 2.98; Danny Tartabull of Seattle, 3.12; Ron Kittle of the Chicago White Sox, 3.24; Jose Canseco of Oakland, 3.27; Barry Bonds of Pittsburgh, 3.36; Cory Snyder of Cleveland, 3.38; Reggie Jackson of the Angels, 3.42, and Ken Phelps of Seattle, 3.51.

With a 43-44 first-half record, the Detroit Tigers just about broke even in more ways than one.

They had the same team-batting average as their opponents, .266, and the same slugging percentage, .424. They scored one more run, 415-414, and had three more doubles, 143-140; one more triple, 18-17, and one more home run, 103-102. Left on base? Almost a draw there, too. The Tigers stranded three more than their opponents.

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