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Fight Vacation Thievery

July 20, 1986

While watching the rides at an amusement park you are drenched with soda by a clumsy patron. In the process of cleaning you up, the patron's partner cleans you out by stealing your wallet.

To avoid being a victim while traveling, American Express offers these tips:

--Never pack valuables in your luggage.

--Before leaving home, remove all unneeded credit cards, personal checks and valuables from your purse and wallet.

--Always lock your bags and tag them on the inside and outside.

--Don't take any more bags than you can comfortably handle. A thief might walk off with those you put down.

--Take written procedures for reporting the loss of charge cards, passport or travelers checks. Keep them separate from those documents.

--Never carry a wallet in your hip pocket. Sew a zipper or piece of Velcro into a trouser pocket to protect a wallet.

--Women might consider carrying money on their persons and not in their handbags.

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