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'Bird Battles Ignorant Mob'

July 22, 1986

William Kahrl's article (Editorial Pages, July 13), "Rose Bird Battles the Ignorant Mob," was totally offensive.

Rose Elizabeth Bird's career, if presented factually, would include these realities: Rose Bird was the first woman to clerk for the chief justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, and the first woman deputy public defender in Santa Clara County. She was the first woman law professor at Stanford University School of Law. She was the first woman Cabinet secretary in California government agencies, and the first woman appointed to the California Supreme Court.

She has carried out her oath with judicial integrity, legal propriety, and wisdom. Why then these attacks on Rose Bird? To understand it, it is useful to look at the people who are opposing her. They are primarily right-wing, professional campaign managers and fund-raisers.

The truth about why the attacks continue against Rose Bird are evident: The right-wing, reactionary forces in this state want to keep her around to use and abuse for their own political and financial gain.


Public Relations Coordinator

California State National Organization for Women

West Covina

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