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'I Do Not Have a Problem' : Fergie Won't Change--or Diet

July 22, 1986|United Press International

LONDON — Sarah Ferguson said today her wedding to Prince Andrew will be "the best day of my life" but vowed that as a princess she will not diet or otherwise change.

"I'm just going to be me," the red-haired 26-year-old said in an interview broadcast by Britain's IRN and BBC radio networks.

"I'm not going to get thin," said solidly built Sarah, frequently twitted in the press for her size 14 figure. "I'm not going to change."

She told another reporter that "a woman should have a trim waist, a good 'up top' and enough down the bottom, but not too big--a good womanly figure."

In another interview at Buckingham Palace, Sarah said: "Then there is the matter of fighting the battle of the bulge. My answer to that is that I won't even begin to discuss it--because it is not worth it. I do not diet. I do not have a problem."

Andrew said in the radio interview that he has "no intention of laying any law down" in their new household. Andrew said he and Fergie will make important decisions together unless she asks him to decide by himself.

The couple are to be married Wednesday in ceremonies at 900-year-old Westminster Abbey.

The couple said that although Sarah will take a vow to obey her husband, they understood obey in a moral, not a physical sense. "There's nothing in that that Sarah is going to meekly obey," Andrew said.

One last-minute change was announced in plans for the marriage and Princess Diana apparently was behind it.

Prince William, her 4-year-old older son and one of Fergie's pages, will ride back to Buckingham Palace in a carriage with Prince Edward, Andrew's best man, instead of sharing a carriage with Sarah's other tiny-tot pages and bridesmaids, labeled "The Brat Pack" by the British press.

"He's a small boy," said Michael Shea, the Queen's press secretary, "and it was felt it would be better to have an adult with him." He hinted that Princess Diana made the change.

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