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Walker Is Close to Signing With the Chargers . . . Again

July 22, 1986|CHRIS COBBS

SAN DIEGO — Offensive guard Jeff Walker, accompanied by his father and his agent, is scheduled to fly here today from Memphis and finalize details of a three-year, $700,000 contract.

Walker, a third-round draft choice, agreed to terms late last week and was set to fly to San Diego for the start of training camp when he was intercepted by the Memphis Showboats. The United States Football League team made an offer that intrigued Walker and his father, causing them to deliberate for three days.

Joe Courrege, Walker's agent, said the Chargers scored points Monday by dispatching scout Dwight Adams. Adams, who had attempted to recruit Walker as a high school player for the University of Florida, supplied a touch that had been missing in the Chargers' pitch.

"Dwight was able to come in and say, 'Jeff we need you and want you,' " Courrege said. "He told Jeff how hard he worked to get him drafted, and he came across in a reversal of the ultimatums Jeff got last week."

The agent referred to a deadline set by owner Alex Spanos for accepting the San Diego offer. Spanos extended the deadline by 24 hours, and Walker accepted, only to change his mind.

"You have to understand this about Jeff: he is leaving his family for the first time," Courrege said. "He's never been away from Memphis (he attended college at Memphis State). His father attended practices and his fiancee is a local girl. It's a close-knit family, and it had an impact when the Showboats rolled out the red carpet treatment."

Barring another reversal, the Chargers should get their man today, according to Courrege.

"We've pretty well made a deal," he said. "It's all locked down, I'd say."

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