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Azusa Must Plan to Realize Its Potential

July 24, 1986

What is happening to Azusa? Once it had lots of potential, but our community leaders seem to continue to make the wrong decisions. They are approving every condominium and apartment developer who finds his way to Azusa.

The old Rainbow Club was razed for condominium development. Citrus College was annexed by Glendora. Boys Market pulled out of the present blighted area of Foothill Boulevard.

Now Azusa Greens, the golf course, wants to sell land to a developer. Monrovia Nursery is moving and plans to sell to a big developer. What is left?

The city is on the verge of granting permission for multi-units to be built on 8th Street east of Pasadena Avenue. There are already enough housing units in that area, and with the addition of 112 more, the area would be choked with traffic.

The impact on the school children of nearby Dalton School and St. Francis of Rome would be horrendous. Where would everybody park, now that an ordinance has been passed restricting overnight parking? I don't think that kind of high density would benefit our school children and residents.

I believe the city should come up with a long-range plan for that area, which needs a shopping center.

Azusa's potential must be realized through planning, not in condominiums and apartments for people who do not pay an equal share of taxes for the support of the city.

Ted Garcia


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