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July 27, 1986

Kathleen Rogers' letter in the July 20 issue of Calendar really sparked some angry feelings concerning the Marilyn Monroe/Madonna comparisons within me. I found her letter "ludicrous and irritating" to those of us who are Marilyn and Madonna fans as well.

Arguments against her view:

1--Madonna is a survivor. The modern 1986 music industry is based solely on bland, commercial music and images. Madonna stirred the waters with "Like a Virgin." We're a fickle society who jump from the next "Big Thing" to whoever's next in line. Madonna paid her dues by being the Boy Toy of teen America. Her newest opus, "True Blue," is a mature venture in the right direction. I don't see Cyndi Lauper around, do you?

2--Madonna and Marilyn are both beautiful and voluptuously sexy women. They just represent two generations of movie and music fans.

3--Madonna does have a keen sense of what people want at precisely the right moment, much like Marilyn. That involves a good amount of talent, folks. Madonna is a true performer who has still not unleashed her full ability. Every move is like discovering a new facet of her talent.

4--Granted, she is easy to conceive as unoriginal. Whoever said trying to be sexy is original? Marilyn surely was not the first, she just redefined the term to suit her, just like Madonna.

Marilyn personifies the last glimmers of Hollywood glamour. Madonna is the right person to bring it back. Sure, a lot of people are thinking, "You've got to be kidding!?" But can anyone name a better candidate?


Pico Rivera

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