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Buczkowski Is Hospitalized for Bad Back

July 31, 1986|MARK HEISLER

OXNARD — OK, now it's Don Mosebar revisited.

The Raiders, who first pronounced themselves "concerned but super-cautious" about the back problems of No. 1 draft choice Bob Buczkowski, Wednesday sent him to Los Angeles, where he will be put in traction for four or five days.

Buczkowski has practiced only one day. When his symptoms persisted, the Raiders flew him to New Brunswick, N.J., to see Dr. Joseph Zawadsky, who operated successfully on the back of still another Raider, Bill Pickel.

Buczkowski returned last weekend but hasn't been able to rejoin practice.

In 1983, the Raiders learned only after drafting USC's Don Mosebar that he was about to undergo back surgery. They say they have become more vigilant since.

By all accounts, however, Buczkowski had no prior history of back trouble.

"He never had a problem," Pitt line coach Sal Sunseri said from Pittsburgh. "Never. You can ask our trainer."

Raider Coach Tom Flores said: "We try very hard. We examine these guys pretty well. But you're not going to take a guy you think is healthy and give him a mylogram."

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