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Botha Tightens Rules for States of Emergency

August 01, 1986|Associated Press

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — President Pieter W. Botha today amended state-of-emergency regulations so that new curfews, restrictions and banning orders may be issued to replace those struck down in court.

Meanwhile, the military switched on the current for an electrified fence intended to stop the flow of refugees from Mozambique.

The amended regulations signed by Botha were published in a special edition of the government gazette in Pretoria after two court rulings this week invalidating emergency regulations issued by divisional police commanders.

Fence to Block Illegals

In the new regulations, Botha inserted a subsection stating that the term "commissioner of the South African police" includes divisional police commissioners as well as their national commander.

An estimated 170,000 illegal workers have entered South Africa from Marxist-ruled Mozambique, and the new fence installed south of Kruger National Park is intended to help reduce the flow of illegal aliens.

The fence stretches 15 miles between the national park and South Africa's Kangwane tribal homeland, which allows refugees to enter.

The voltage of the fence's current has not been disclosed, but the South African Press Assn. said today that it "is thought to be lethal."

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