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Dannemeyer's Role

August 03, 1986

Regretfully, the lengthy profile piece on Rep. William E. Dannemeyer (July 6) gave a very limited view of his substantial contributions to local governments. Let me point out two concrete examples of how an effective, approachable federal representative like Bill Dannemeyer can "make the difference" to a city when it runs out of alternatives at the local and regional level.

Amtrak. Three years ago, Amtrak management arbitrarily removed a vital schedule on the Los Angeles-San Diego run. Local and regional facts, entreaties and arguments were of no avail. We called on Bill Dannemeyer's leadership. Amtrak restored the original service and today that run is better serving Fullerton and all cities on the line.

McColl waste site. Without doubt one of the most complex dilemmas facing the City of Fullerton has been finding a solution to the McColl waste site. Although we are a party to all efforts to a final solution, the action has gravitated to the federal level. I can say unequivocally that Bill Dannemeyer is exercising positive and effective leadership for us in this problem.

On a day-to-day basis, Dannemeyer's staff reflects sincere interest in local concerns. This reflects leadership from the congressman.

It is unfortunate that the author of the article did not confer directly with knowledgeable elected officials to get our personal views. It would have been a more balanced story, and reflect what we feel is Dannemeyer's record of service to Fullerton: Informed, responsive and effective.



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