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'U.S. Wealth: Not a Class Act'

August 03, 1986

Your editorial (July 28), "U.S. Wealth; Not a Class Act," is logic that completely reverses cause and effect.

The point you miss is that it is precisely the old solutions to the inequity of the black/white economic well-being that have aggravated this problem.

The old solutions called for demeaning handouts and charity for the able-bodied that robbed them of spirit and led them to believe they were inferior.

If you tell a person that the only way he qualifies for a job is through a quota or affirmative action when it is used as a front for quotas he will begin to believe he is not equal to those who improve themselves through merit.

The needed new approaches you mention are equal opportunity in jobs, education and social acceptance. People value what what they earn much more highly than what is given to them.

This is the dramatic commitment the Reagan Administration offers this country, but unfortunately the old entrenched liberal Establishment is too busy fighting rear-guard actions in an attempt to continue the hemorrhage of national wealth they started in the 1960s. What does it take to wake the liberals up to reality of the 1980s?


Agoura Hills

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