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Gann's Pay Initiative

August 03, 1986

Baldwin's comments on the Gann initiative quite miss the point. The situation is not "shades of Proposition 13." In fact, there is no parallel between the two initiatives.

The Gann initiative poses three questions.

First, shall the public sector compete with the private sector for talented competent managers, or are important public agencies to be run and staffed by second-rate personnel?

Second, shall competent, impartial judges and justices be appointed to our courts or is it sufficient to have incompetent individuals and ideologues who will work for a non-competitive salary?

Finally, shall public employees be unfairly punished for previously taking vacation and sick leave carry-over benefits rather than salary increases?

In short, the question is the quality of administrators in the public sector and basic justice as it affects rank-and-file public employees.



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