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Hotel Discounts Offered

August 03, 1986|By JACK ADLER

Inter-Continental Hotels has put in a bid for family business this summer with discounts at nine of its domestic properties.

The discounts are available only to families, two or more persons to a room with a maximum of four. You also have to stay a minimum of two consecutive nights. There is one discounted price for deluxe rooms, which varies from hotel to hotel. The discount off regular rates for these rooms ranges from 15% to 68%, according to Inter-Continental.

Hotels in New York, Miami, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, San Antonio, San Francisco, Maui and Hilton Head, S.C., are involved. At each hotel you'll also get discount coupons for various local attractions.

If you rent an Avis car (mid-size to a luxury group car) at Avis' SuperValue rates for three consecutive days, the fourth day will be free (except at Hilton Head, where you have to rent the car for four days to earn a free day's car use). You get a voucher at checkout time from the hotel to turn in to Avis to get credit for the free day's rental.

Both the hotel rooms and car rentals, which can be booked at the same time, are subject to availability; rooms must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. There are some blackout periods, which may also vary from hotel to hotel. The cutoff point for the program is Sept. 2.

Contact travel agents or Inter-Continental Hotels at (800) 327-0200.

Marriott Hotels is continuing an amended weekend discount program, with rates now starting from $49 for rooms on Friday and Saturday nights at virtually all domestic hotels and selected resort properties. The discounted rate for these rooms varies from hotel to hotel, with discounts off regular rates ranging from 25% to 65%, according to Marriott.

As many as five people can stay in the room at the same rate, with no extra charge at most of the hotels for extra beds. But this is something to check out when making your reservations. Some hotels may also extend their special rate, which is on a capacity-controlled basis, for Sunday nights as well.

The cutoff point for the promotion is Aug. 30. Contact travel agents or Marriott's new toll-free weekend number (800) USA-WKND.

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