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Letter : Councilman Gives Response to Critic

August 07, 1986

This letter is written in response to the attack of Kenton Krogstad (Letter, Southeast/Long Beach sections, Aug. 3) questioning my qualifications to sit on the South Gate City Council.

I don't question Mr. Krogstad's right to speak out against any elected official or, for that matter, to support, vote for, donate money to their campaign or speak out against his voting record on matters that come before the City Council. That right goes with the territory of elected officials. However, is the fact that I voted against Proposition 13 the real reason for the attack? I think not.

First off, Mr. Krogstad is not a resident of South Gate. He lives in Downey, but he does have a law office in our city. I don't know him on a personal basis, but we have butted heads on two occasions during my four years on the council.

In both cases he was representing clients who wanted to bid on services for our city.

When I voted against his client on the trash haul franchise, he made allusions that he would replace me on the council and, true to form, his attack follows.

I will continue to make decisions on the basis of what I feel is in the best interest of our city and those decisions will not be based on political expediency, a free drink or lunch, or how much is put into a campaign to defeat me.


Councilman, City of South Gate

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