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Knudsen Employees Fault News Coverage

August 10, 1986

What is it that the Los Angeles Times does not like about Knudsen?

Since 1919 Knudsen has served fine products to millions of people and most important, helped thousands of its employees make a good living by making out their paychecks every other week.

We (some of those employees) are very unhappy about the Times articles, which have been appearing almost daily.

It is sad enough that we have to worry about our jobs because of the financial problems we are having. The Times does not make things any better for us by publishing these derogatory articles.

A recent story was headlined "Ailing Knudsen Loses Albertson's, Its Largest Customer, to Jerseymaid" (July 18), while in fact we only lost the private label white milk of Albertson's.

Some time ago there was an article regarding a sanitation problem we were having at that time, which was full of half-truths.

The Times has even stooped low enough to contact some of our former employees, in order to get some "inside" information.

In the end, the truth will win, as always and we all hope to be employees of Knudsen for many years to come.


(Editor's note: A Times story on July 18 said that much of Knudsen's California business with Albertson's had been dropped, based on information provided by a Knudsen spokesman.)

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