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Newport Center Plan

August 10, 1986

Recently a large group of well-intentioned citizens worked long and hard to achieve a number of benefits that would be part of the General Plan amendment for the completion of Newport Center in Newport Beach.

Those efforts were well received and approved by both the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Key items included: $40 million of local traffic improvements, which will permit our road system to work better and relieve traffic congestion--much of which is generated by the growth of the cities and county areas adjacent to Newport Beach over which we have no control; a teen center, a day-care center and doubling the size of the library.

A number of years ago the opportunity to gain many of these same road improvements was lost, and some of the same influences are being brought to bear to have us sign away our rights and intended benefits through a referendum being circulated to void the positive decisions made.

Before signing any petition, we should know what we are being asked to sign and that our signatures are providing a benefit to us and our city.

Taking time to be sure, now, is important.


Newport Beach

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