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West's Outcry Against Apartheid

August 10, 1986

Well! Hooray, Hooray! Ray Price finally gets around to saying what has needed saying for a long time.

Our mushy-headed, liberal-led "Sanctions on South Africa" clique seem to be living in the same sort of idealistic dream world that the anti-Vietnam people inhabited back in 1963. Go ask some of the Vietnamese boat people who they prefer between Diem and the present communist rulers. Or who prefers the ayatollah to the shah.

After subverting American foreign policy and leaving the natives to the tender mercies of the alternate regimes, this misguided group of do-gooders promptly forget and ignore the mess they caused, and go on to the next episode. And never do they seem to learn.

For all of their ranting and raving, preaching and demonstrating, I've yet to see the first example of where this group of kooks has improved the lot of the average man in the street of any of these countries.

Now they want to turn South Africa into another Angola, Zimbabwe, Zaire, Zambia, Kenya or even Liberia. Does Conrad really think that the black miners depicted in his cartoon (July 31) would be any better off if the ANC was rescuing the country after running off the white capital and administration.

Before engaging in do-gooderism, the practitioner needs a good grounding in culture, geography, economics and politics to even guess if his ideas are workable. Don't make the same mistakes over and over, judging the rest of the world by what exists in the U.S.A.!



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