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Artesia : Business License Fees Raised

August 14, 1986

For the first time in 27 years, Artesia has increased its business license fees, a move expected to raise revenues by about $25,000 a year.

The City Council Monday passed an ordinance raising the fees through a formula based on gross receipts and the number of employees.

Previously, the minimum amount a business would pay was $10 and the maximum $275. Under the new ordinance, which takes effect Oct. 1, the minimum fee will be $25 and the maximum $500.

The city estimates that business license fees will produce $55,000 in the 1985-86 fiscal year and that the new fees will boost that to $80,000 in 1986-87.

The council also revived its miscellaneous special permit fees required for such businesses as sign painters, tent shows, auctions, fortune telling and pawnbrokers.

Under the new requirements, for example, fortune-tellers will pay an annual fee of $250.

Before the new law, those businesses paid $15 a year

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