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Priests Readying Television Show

August 19, 1986|From Associated Press

NAUGATUCK, Conn. — Three priests are developing pilots for a television show that would include interviews with the Pope and world leaders.

The half-hour show, "A View From the Vatican," also will feature news stories of interest to Catholics, according to the Rev. Edmund Nadolny.

The Vatican Television Center in Rome gave initial approval to the project July 23, asking the priests to develop pilots that church officials can review.

"One of the greatest secrets is what the Catholic church is doing in the world, and I think this program could help show not only what is happening in the Vatican but what's happening with the church around the world," Nadolny said.

Nadolny and the other priests, the Revs. Ray Pluett of Palm Springs, Calif., and Terry Sweeney of Beverly Hills, Calif., are looking for a woman and man to co-anchor the program, as well as writers, producers and reporters.

"We're trying to make this slick and not just another religious program," said Nadolny, the former director of radio and television for the Hartford Archdiocese now assigned to St. Vincent Ferrer Church here.

The Vatican will produce the show from its two studios in Rome and provide equipment, Nadolny said.

However, the church won't put up any money.

Nadolny has written 150 Catholic foundations and contacted other supporters to raise $100,000 to produce two or three pilot programs.

The priests hope to have the first pilot done by October, while the Vatican has said it hopes to render a final decision by September, 1987.

The priests are looking for a sponsor to support the program in much the same way that shows are sponsored on public television, without advertising during the program.

Nadolny said he would like to see the show on a major network, but might buy time on independent stations.

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