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Morning Briefing

Walker's Book on Cowboys

August 19, 1986

Herschel Walker doesn't know if he's ready, but the Dallas Cowboys say he might play in Friday night's exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Texas Stadium.

"I really haven't thought about playing," Walker said Monday. "The only thing I've been thinking about is comprehending the playbook."

Remember what former Dallas receiver Pete Gent told a rookie when they gave him his playbook?

"Don't bother reading it, kid," Gent said. "Everybody gets killed in the end."

Add Cowboys: Said Tennessee Coach Johnny Majors last month, recalling his days at Pittsburgh when Tony Dorsett led the Panthers to the national title: "Tony was a handsome, young man and very colorful. When he would be asked the same question over and over by different reporters, he had a way of giving a different little twist to his answer. Each reporter felt like he was getting something new."

35 Years Ago Today: On Aug. 19, 1951, Eddie Gaedel, 26, a 3-foot 7-inch, 65-pound midget, made his first and only plate appearance for the St. Louis Browns against the Detroit Tigers. Batting as a pinch-hitter for Frank Saucier, Gaedel wore No. 1/8. He was walked on four pitches by Bob Cain.

Note: Two nights later, Gaedel was arrested in Chicago. The charge: Assaulting a policeman.

Trivia Time: Who replaced Eddie Gaedel as a pinch-runner for the St. Louis Browns? Hint: His son is on the PGA Tour. (Answer below.)

The subject was Willie McCovey, and San Francisco Manager Roger Craig, one-time pitcher for the Mets, told the New York Times: "One time, Casey Stengel and I were in the clubhouse going over the Giants' hitters. Stengel said, 'Pardon me, Mr. Craig, but how are we going to defense Mr. McCovey--in the upper deck or lower deck?' "

For What It's Worth: If last weekend's International golf tournament had used regular scoring, the winner would have been Joey Sindelar, not Ken Green. Sindelar had a four-round total of 274. Then came Bernhard Langer and Bruce Lietzke at 277, followed by Green at 278.

If the International scoring system had been used in the PGA Championship, the winner would have been Ben Crenshaw, not Bob Tway. In the International, however, Crenshaw was eliminated in the first round.

When the Seattle SuperSonics defended the trade of Jack Sikma to the Milwaukee Bucks for Alton Lister by pointing out that Lister's statistics were comparable when projected over a full game, The Sporting News said: "The only problem is that on a 48-minute projection, Sikma would average 5 fouls and Lister 7.7. You foul out on the sixth personal."

From Mike Tyson, saying he doesn't care who he fights after a scheduled match with Alonzo Ratliff Sept. 6: "I don't take any of this seriously. I'm just like any 20-year-old, I just like ice cream and women."

Cleveland Manager Pat Corrales, on Cory Snyder: "He's the best rookie I've ever had. I've played him at four positions and he's been outstanding at all of them. He's probably going to strike out a lot during his career, but with his bat speed he really drives the ball."

Trivia Answer: Jim Delsing. His golfing son is Jay, formerly of UCLA.


Buddy Ryan, new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles: "I've been good for team unity, because everybody hates the same guy."

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