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'Eastside Seethes Over Prison Plan'

August 20, 1986

I was born and raised in East Los Angeles. If I still lived there, I would welcome a new prison, for the following reasons:

1--It would create employment opportunities for the local residents.

2--There would be more security in and around the area, which is presently riddled with crime and is unsafe for the law-abiding citizens who would like to come and go in safety any hour of the day or night.

3--Perhaps the prison and law enforcement people in the area would intimidate the so-called "misguided" criminal and potentially criminal elements of all ages, providing a safer environment for people who would like to sit on their front porches or steps and feel at ease in the evening without all the gangs and crime around there now.

If there were a break-out, there would be so much security in the area that it would be a lot safer than it is now.

I still go back to East Los Angeles. I have not lost touch. I know what I'm talking about.


Santa Fe Springs

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