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John Minch's Recommended Inventory Of Equipment Necessary For Wilderness Hiking

August 20, 1986

Backpack--Inexpensive for $50-$60, more expensive for $130.

Self-inflating air mattress--$47-$48

Down-filled sleeping bag--$230


Down-filled jacket--$80

Wool vest or sweater--$2 (garage sale); $20-$30 new

Leather boots--$70-$100 (used, lightweight)

Rain pancho--$5-$10

Cooking kit--including 2 cups, water pot, bowl, stove, whisperlight, white gas, magnesium fire starter--$40.

Foodstuffs--$3.95 each for freeze-dried dinners (such as turkey tetrazzini. Also scrambled egg mix, hot chocolate, breakfast granola, spiced cider, apple delight, cup o'soup, etc.)

Water bottle--$3-$4

Portable Aqua--$3.50/pack (for purefying water)

Kool-Aid or drink mix--$3 (covers the bad taste of Portable Aqua)


Swiss Army knife--$25

Wooden matches--$1


Space blanket--$5 (aluminized mylar, to prevent hypothermia)

Sunglasses--$8-$10 (preferably polarized, to cut down glare)


Topographic maps--$5-$10

Miscellaneous and optional expenses--National Park-usage fees, fishing license, fishing gear, transportation costs to have equipment moved to various points on the hike, camera and film, pre-hike outdoors classes or survival training.

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