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Competing Couple : Jody and Harry Lockmann Don't Let Marriage Get in the Way of Racing

August 20, 1986|STEVE DOLAN

EL CAJON — Jody and Harry Lockmann made a deal one Saturday night at Cajon Speedway.

If Jody won the four-car trophy dash for the fastest qualifiers in the bomber stock division, Harry would wash dishes for the week.

Jody won, so Harry bought a dishwasher.

How does it feel for a husband to race against his wife and get beat?

"I am very proud of her accomplishments," Harry said. "We race against each other all of the time. That wasn't the first time she beat me."

The Lockmanns began racing three years ago in organized events in the parking lot of San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium. They used to attend Cajon Speedway as spectators--their escape for the weekend. But since early May, they have stopped relaxing at the track and have begun driving.

Jody is a crowd favorite. . When she won her second straight trophy dash recently, she was given the night's loudest ovation.

"Women are happy that there is actually a woman being representative in a field of men," she said. "Men really respect me. A lot of times, women (drivers) get in the way. I'm out there as an equal driver. I'm not out as a woman in a man's race."

But there have been trying moments.

"One of the top competitors hit my car one night," she said. "He thought I would get scared and back out. He was surprised when I stayed in. . . . I'm very fortunate that the guys totally accept me and respect my driving."

On the track, the Lockmanns can't watch out for one another too much.

"We're so busy out there," Harry said. "It would be wrong to let up for each other. If we did, the guy behind us would go right by us."

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