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Larger City Council Needed

August 21, 1986

Frank del Olmo makes a good point in his article (Editorial Pages, Aug. 1), "Larger L.A. Council Could Avert Ethnic Turf Battles." But expanding the City Council would not only help minorities. In fact, it also would bring better representation to all citizens of this city with its $2 billion-plus budget.

In the past, the politicians who did not want to weaken their "power" by bringing more votes (council seats) have used scare tactics and wallet warfare to ensure the downfall of such an effort.

As a half-Anglo, half-Hispanic person I find the pettiness of ethnic warfare sickening. Rather than find the redeeming qualities of individuals we look for that which we can put down in our fellow Americans. Ignorance and low self-esteem coupled with greed for attention and wealth are at the root of such an evil. The "Me Generation" is alive and spreading like cancer.

As Del Olmo mentions, Chicago has 50 council members (called alderman) while New York City has 45, and Los Angeles has only 15. We stay behind in the cloud of confusion offered by those who do not want a better governed city while those who have convinced us laugh all the way to the bank.

Then when we need help with something city-related if we don't contribute to their reelection fund we might as well forget what we want. The public sits by and wonders why we dumped tons of raw sewage into the Pacific Ocean or how a 100-unit apartment complex can be built next to a single family house without adequate parking.

It's a sad situation that will not change as long as the old cronies downtown can brainwash the voters to keep them in high style. We are fooling only ourselves. It's time we stopped blaming government when it is what we vote it to be and nothing more.



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