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Australia's Takeover Tycoon: A Chronology

August 22, 1986

Corporate raider Robert Holmes a Court, 49, of Perth, Australia, revealed this week that he plans to buy up to 15% of USX Corp., formerly called U.S. Steel. Here is a brief look at some of his previous major corporate acquisitions and attempted takeovers.

1970--Acquires controlling interest in Western Australian Worsted & Woollen Mills Ltd.

1979--Makes an unsuccessful run at Ansett Airways, Australia's largest privately owned airline.

1980--Makes an unsuccessful bid to take over the Rolls-Royce car company.

1982--Gains control of Associated Communications Corp., the British corporation that owned the rights to the Beatles' music. He later sells the rights to Michael Jackson.

1983--Begins his continuing battle for control of Broken Hill Proprietary Co., Australia's largest company.

1985--Bids, without success, for control of Asarco, the U.S. minerals company.

1986--Announces intention to buy an interest in USX.

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