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AIDS Education

August 24, 1986

I read with interest Mary T. Rowe's recommendations ("Firms Should Set Up Task Force to Deal With AIDS in the Workplace," Aug. 10).

As we began developing our own internal task force at Transamerica Life Cos. last January, we found that resources already exist here to help with such efforts. AIDS Project Los Angeles, for example, is an invaluable source of information and expertise.

We also learned that employees show a high degree of interest when a knowledgeable physician takes part in a presentation about AIDS. Los Angeles has some of the nation's leading AIDS experts, and they are typically ready and willing to help.

Executives shouldn't underestimate employees' desire for accurate information about AIDS or their ability to deal with the subject matter. Our own employees have responded wonderfully to well-presented material.

Any business with a sizable work force, and many with small staffs, will have to deal with AIDS in the office or plant. The time for action is now. With no cure or vaccine yet on the horizon, the only way to stop the spread of AIDS is through education.

We would be happy to share with other businesses two items we have developed: a pamphlet, "Fear Is in the Air. AIDS Is Not," and a 12-minute videotape on AIDS in the workplace.



Transamerica Occidental Life

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