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Unhooked On Boy

August 24, 1986|Bill Steigerwald

A sassy radio commercial for a fake Boy George LP has aired in Mormon Country, but it's too hot for cool L.A.

As heard over KLUB in Salt Lake City, the parody ad--complete with a Boy George-sound-alike crooner and Culture Club sound--toys with several of the band's hits as it stabs unkind fun at the Boy's recent drug problems.

Listeners are urged to pick up the "detoxifying" new album "Hooked on George," which is "on the charts and shooting up." "You always knew his music was junky," the phony announcer booms. "Now he is too."

Meanwhile, the phony Boy sings "I'll Shoot Up for Ya," then segues to "Do you really want to bust me, do you really want to send me to jail" before closing with a takeoff on the hit "War Is Stupid": "Smack is stupid. Drugs are stupid. I am stupid, 'cause I'm an addict."

"Hooked" is the sick work of the American Comedy Network, a six-person comedy "think-tank" out of Bridgeport, Conn., whose wares are heard without attribution on 151 radio stations, including L.A.'s only subscribers, KFI and sister station KOST-FM.

KFI-KOST operations director Jhani Kaye said "Hooked" wasn't used because it didn't fit the image of KOST's "soft hits" format. He said ACN's material sometimes has a biting edge and "Hooked" wasn't lighthearted and fun enough.

"I must admit 'Hooked on George' is one of our cruelest pieces," acknowledged American Comedy's General Manager Andy Goodman.

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