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Assurances From Pakistan

August 26, 1986

In his article (Editorial Pages, Aug. 6), "Must They All Go Nuclear?" Roger Molander is concerned about the spread of nuclear weapons, and no amount of assurances from Pakistan seem to allay the suspicion of the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

That despite numerous reports about Pakistan's "imminent explosion," and none has taken place, in itself should be a clear proof of Pakistan's sincerity that its program is not weapons-oriented. Pakistan genuinely desires peace in the region and has over the years made numerous proposals. It has invited India to simultaneously sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. If this is not acceptable, Pakistan has offered:

1--Acceptance by both countries of full-scope safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

2--Cooperation in establishing a nuclear-free weapons zone in South Asia.

3--A solemn declaration by the two countries jointly renouncing the acquisition or production of nuclear weapons.

4--Reciprocal inspection of each other's nuclear facilities.

Pakistan has made its intentions very clear. It is now for India to respond, or make alternate proposals.


Counselor (Press)

Embassy of Pakistan


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