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Ens. McCallum and the Raiders

August 29, 1986

The criterion for becoming a military officer is much the same as that for becoming a professional football player. Basically, they both require very high degrees of dedication, long hours of effort and a sense of purpose that must direct all the individual energy into becoming the best that one can.

This sense of purpose means just that--no distractions from the primary goal.

McCallum's attempt to practice one profession with a "not-to-interfere" attitude toward his other profession must necessarily weaken both professions.

What I am very much afraid Secretary Lehman has done is produce a mediocre football player and a mediocre naval officer.

Mediocre football players harm the sport while mediocre naval officers do far greater harm.

As both a football fan as well as a taxpayer I can tolerate the former but I can not accept the latter.



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