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'Sick and Tired' Letter Writers

August 30, 1986

I am sick and tired of Steve Allen writing to The Times. Suspecting that my attitude indicated a national trend, I polled passers-by at a local by-pass.

This was both easier said than done. One of the applicants was vulgar and swore, several were evasive and insincere, one spoke with broken English, and others seemed just a little too eager to please. Pressing on, we soon rested on our laurels, with many a merry smile, you may be sure.

Results were as follows:

Sick 14

Tired 11

Awaiting "inside information"9

Up to the individual 7

Education is the answer 15

Out-of-State 12

Registered voter/driver 8

You never know till you try 7

Never heard of Steve Allen 5

Never heard of The Times 3

This ought to give you some idea of which way the wind is blowing.


Woodland Hills

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