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'Paralyzed in Mexico'

August 31, 1986

Your recent article "Paralyzed in Mexico" was of special interest to me.

I have been involved in a similar situation as a firefighter and friend, and understand the value of many years of friendship with the people and the firefighters of Mexico, which they and many others, including the California Fire Service, have developed.

The efforts of Dick Vic, his wife, Carol, and Jack Stubbs on behalf of an injured neighbor, Edward Axton, were as private citizens, but their affiliation with the fire service and the ongoing interaction which occurs through the Bombero Program and many other programs were of untold help in their efforts.

A salute to these three fine people, those in Mexico and San Clemente who assisted, including the International Red Cross, and the ongoing efforts of programs, such as the Bombero Program, which bring neighbors together on both sides of the border in times of good and bad.

It is so nice to witness neighbor helping neighbor and read good news instead of bad.


Huntington Beach

Dan Coffman is a member of the state Board of Fire Service.

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