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Post Office Massacre

August 31, 1986

First we allow the National Rifle Assn. to bully both Congress and state legislatures into weakening or eliminating all gun control laws so that anybody, no matter how deranged or criminally inclined, can get the weapon of his choice.

Second, we wage wars in Third World countries, like Vietnam or Nicaragua, so that thousands of young men can be taught to kill accurately at taxpayers' expense.

Third, we balance state and federal budgets by cutting back treatment programs for the mentally disturbed.

Fourth, we clutter the air waves and the movie theaters with endless reels of violence-exploitative films such as "The Terminator."

And then we wonder why massacres, such as the one in Edmond or San Ysidro take place.

The Reagan Administration worries about terrorists coming over from Libya or Iran. I've got news for the Reagan Administration--the terrorists are already here. And everything we are doing, simply ensures that such terrorist attacks will occur again, again, and again.



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