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Early Morning Joggers Setting Off the Alarms

September 06, 1986

What's all this fuss about barking dogs? No doubt by people who do not realize that they are the very ones who cause dogs to bark.

Like the lady jogger the other morning when our three dogs started acting up because they were alerted by our neighborhood early warning system. Dogs down the street started to bark. Then our three and then those up the street.

This lady jogger, at 4:15 a.m., was going north. She was accompanied by her unleashed dog. Maybe it wasn't her dog and maybe she was running to get away from it. I really couldn't analyze the situation at the time I sleepily looked out the window.

When I tried for more sleep at 4:30 a.m., here she comes again going south still trying to get away from that darned dog, again setting off the alarm. This time the barking was echoing from north to south.

Non-dog owners in our neighborhood, not witnessing what I did, were no doubt cursing the animals. Perhaps they would feel better cursing the woman, had they known.

To better one's body by athletics is OK, but why not pick a better time to do it?



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