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Buddy Ryan, Quote Machine

September 06, 1986

Selected quotes on various subjects from the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles:

Roster cuts--"It was so easy my wife could have made them, and she didn't even know these guys. I never found it hard--not when I was an assistant, either. It's hard when you have to tell a guy you've known for eight or nine years that this is it, but I've told those guys, too. That's tough. Rooks, we don't even know them, so it's not very tough."

Listener on radio talk show discussing the trade for quarterback Matt Cavanaugh--"I think you made a big mistake giving up way too much for him."

Ryan--"It really worries me what you think."

Before cutting punter Ray Criswell, a fifth-round draft pick--"I don't think coming in late hurt his chances. I think because he can't punt might hurt his chances."

After cutting Criswell--"We got rave reviews on him, but he never showed it in practice or the game. I can hear (the scout's) flowery speech right now: 'A scholar-athlete who could . . . give you that big kick when you need it.' "

When Kevin Allen was in the hospital a second time for dehydration--"You know why everyone calls him the general, don't you? General Hospital."

Later--"I don't know what his status is. I don't even know who he is."

On running back Earnest Jackson--"He has never blocked anyone, and he can't seem to catch the ball."

When running back Herman Hunter, along with several other players, walked out of camp--"As soon as the linebackers started blitzing, I assumed he would leave. This will be good for (team) morale. I love it. Those aren't the kind of guys who are going to win for you, anyway.

And when Hunter returned--"He probably checked the job market out there and found there wasn't a lot of demand for return specialists that won't block."

After his first look at running back Michael Haddix at mini-camp: "Maddix looks like a reject guard from the USFL, he's so fat."

Haddix: "I think he was just being honest. I weigh 235. I should weigh 228 or 230. It's up to me to show him I can play."

Ryan, approvingly: "Dumb guys sulk and pout. You never see smart guys pout. Hey, they are paid very well. If they don't do the job, somebody's gotta get on 'em. The good players always react the way they should."

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