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Charger Notebook : Lynn Not Defensive About Defense

September 06, 1986|CHRIS COBBS | Times Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO — Two days before putting his new defense on the line against the Miami Dolphins, Ron Lynn was in an off-the-wall mood Friday when he spoke at a luncheon for Charger boosters at San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium.

The Charger defensive coordinator alternated between restrained optimism and tongue-in-cheek humor about the grim risks posed by a meeting with Miami quarterback Dan Marino.

A concerned fan asked Lynn--the team's third defensive coordinator in less than a year--if he is buying or renting a house.

"Buying," he said emphatically. "We're moving in around the first of November. I think you're going to have me around here for a while. If need be, I'll chain myself to my desk."

Another fan wanted to know if Lynn will be on the sidelines.

"No," he said. "I'll be calling the defenses from upstairs in the press box. I have a fake mustache and a reversible jacket so I can get out of there and make it to my car safely, if need be."

Lynn was a bit more serious when questioned about his secondary.

"I'm encouraged by the response of our defensive backs," he said. "Undoubtedly, we'd like to see more consistent performance from our corners. But some people would also like to fly without wings. Maybe that's asking too much. I know we're putting a lot of pressure on our defensive backs in practice, and we've been somewhat encouraged."

The Chargers will have an attacking defense, Lynn said. There will be a variety of formations and blitzes. The Dolphins will see some things on Sunday that the Chargers didn't show in the exhibition season, Lynn said.

Lynn's forecast for the San Diego defense: "I think we'll be a good defense. We could surprise a lot of people. I think we'll have a lot of respect by the end of the year."

Charger Notes

Head coach Don Coryell said there is a remote chance of safety John Hendy playing in an emergency situation against the Dolphins. Hendy has been recuperating from a knee injury and probably won't return until the Chagers play the New York Giants Sept. 14t. . . . Tight end Eric Sievers won't play much, if at all, Coryell said. Sievers has a knee strain. . . . Running back Lionel James, who isrecovering from an ankle injury, likely will be at 90% of capacity by Sunday.

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