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The Red Tape in Insurance Needs Cutting

September 07, 1986

The Aug. 31 article by John F. Lawrence ("It's Time for Health Insurers to Wise Up!") is long overdue.

As a senior citizen, I am provoked by the documention required by health insurance companies for honoring claims for the relatively small unpaid portion of the charge approved by Medicare. Also, I have been informed that a minimum of six weeks will elapse before payment.

The insurance company that handles my Medicare claims also handles my company's employee health plan. Nevertheless, I must provide two claims and two copies of all bills. I cannot submit the claim against the company plan until I get Form MCC 3, "Your Explanation of Medicare Benefits," at least six weeks after filing the Medicare claim.

It is true that many relatively small claims are not made because of the time and trouble required to conform to the requirements of the insurance company.

I strongly recommend that the California Insurance Commission review the procedures of health insurance companies and enforce recommended changes.

We should get what we pay for.


San Marino

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