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Dees & Drugs

September 07, 1986

Commendable as KIIS' Rick Dees' recent large-scale entry into the "drug wars" is ("Dees to Radio: Tune Out Drugs," by William Chitwood, Aug. 27), his comments seem to belie his statement that "I already do a lot of preaching about drugs when I'm on the air."

He claims to disapprove of deejays joking about being under the influence of drugs, but he defends his show's inebriated character, Willard Wizeman.

Dees also says he's equally warring against misusing booze, but he has beer manufacturers as sponsors. In California, for example, 78% of all alcoholic-beverage consumption is of beer . Moreover, alcohol-related trauma (accidents, homicide, suicide) are the three leading causes of death for America's 15-24 age group--most of whom are avid radio listeners.

Finally, Dees justifies his use of a beer sponsor by saying "Alcohol is legal." But not in any state reached by his syndicated show is it legal for minors, nor is it medically indicated for recovering alcoholics, pregnant women, nursing mothers, etc.

So if Dees' "anti-drug" efforts are to be truly effective, he's going to have to raise his level of awareness, understanding that "censorship" is a phony issue raised chiefly by those who profit from the pollution of the public's airwaves.


Chairman, Advisory Committee

Policy, Americans for

Substance Abuse Prevention

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