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Preview of a State-of-the-Art YMCA

September 07, 1986|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

Red and black are the traditional YMCA colors. Expect all red and black for The Red and Black Gala, says Lorna Y. Reed, chairwoman of the black-tie affair Sept. 20. The occasion will benefit the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles Child Care Programs. (More than 4,000 children have been involved in summer day care in 132 locations.)

It also will be the premiere preview of the new state-of-the-art Stuart M. Ketchum Downtown YMCA which uses airspace donated by Arco and Bank of America. The new facility will cater to the needs of both downtown dwellers and workers.

For the affair, Reed is covering the gymnasium with black carpeting temporarily. Carrie Ketchum, Stu's wife, has engaged Ambrosia to cater. Stephen F. Hinchliffe, past president of the Metropolitan Board of the YMCA, will make the tribute to Ketchum, whose $3-million donation is the major impetus for the new facility.

Ketchum's donation is the largest, but there are a number of other six-figure donors: the Morgan Adams, Jr. family, the Peter Adams family, the late Harrison Chandler, Chandis Securities Co., James A. Collins, Leonard K. Firestone, the James Irvine Foundation, Lockheed Aircraft Corp., the Los Angeles Clearing House Assn., Clair L. Peck, Jnr., Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Times Mirror Foundation.

James A. Collins chairs the officers of the YMCA Metropolitan. More officers include Warren H. Crowell, Peck, Waller Taylor II, John E. Anderson, Peter K. Barker, E. H. Clark, Jr., Nancy Munger, Ketchum, Gilbert R. Vasquez and John G. Ouellet, president and chief executive officer.

The gala committee, invoking the pleasure of tours et al. also includes Carol L. Collins, Ann L. Hinchliffe, Ingeburg W. Miscoll, Nancy B. Munger, Dianne E. Ouellet, Margo Ryan Peck, Beth M. Stevens and Mary P. Walker.

The 20th Anniversary of the Mark Taper Forum and the opening of "The Immigrant: A Hamilton County Album" was a wonderful family affair. Gordon Davidson, artistic director of the Mark Taper throughout its 20-year-history, guiding 100 productions, certainly earned the right to cut the huge birthday cake on the Plaza. The ceremony and champagne followed the opening. Watching icing-side were his wife, Judi, and their daughter Rachel, a student at Northwestern off to Europe for a semester. Mark Harelik, who wrote the autobiographical play about his family, had his mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Harelik, on either side. There, too, were Donovan Marley, artistic head of the Denver Center Theater, the man who commissioned the play, and Sarah Lawless, executive director of the Denver company.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Loebbecke (he's United Way founder) will be honored for their numerous civic contributions during the past 40 years at a dinner at the Annandale Golf Club Thursday. Host will be Villa Esperanza, which aids people with special developmental needs. An endowment has been established in the Loebbeckes' name.

Lou Jones, vice president corporate properties, Title Insurance, and a Villa Esperanza board member, is master of ceremonies. (Expect poetry!) O. K. Earl, Jr. will offer the champagne toast. Robert Dockson will recognize the Loebbeckes' accomplishments. They're numerous: Ann founded a program at Roosevelt School for handicapped children, and it provides clothing for the needy; she also founded Villa Esperanza Guild.

Retired industrialist Ernie Loebbecke continues to be active in humanitarian causes. He's the founder, honorary president and director of United Way and also past chairman and chief executive officer of Ticor.

Perhaps the most significant honor is that accorded the Loebbeckes by their friends O. K. (Bill) and Sally Earl in establishing the endowment. Sally died a few months ago, but she and Bill had discussed the endowment in the Loebbeckes' name.

More good news for Pershing Square's revitalization (besides the announcement of an international design competition): An enthusiastic group has pledged to raise funds for the square, and there are commitments from Richard Riordan, John Welbourne, John Argue, Rodney Rood, Charles Hathaway, David Houk and Richard J. Flamson, as well as Wayne Ratkovich, Stender Sweeney and Keith Renken.

Longtime supporters of Portals House will gather for a dinner dance Tuesday celebrating the 30th anniversary of the psychiatric rehabilitation organization. Ronald Mandelbaum and Georgia Franklin have announced that Sybil Brand and "Hill Street Blues" star Daniel J. Travanti will receive Golden Bell awards for their significant contributions to the mental health of society. Bruce Corwin and Steve Tisch are dinner co-chairs of the affair in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. Honorary chairmen include Walter and Lee Annenberg, Bob and Dolores Hope and Dr. Armand and Frances Hammer.

Upcoming: "An Evening With John Raitt" will be celebrated Friday by Los Angeles Beautiful for its 37th anniversary at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge. Mrs. William Nassour is planning starlight dining and dancing under the oaks. . . .

Sidney Poitier will play a role in the Recognition Awards presentation ceremony Wednesday at the 93rd annual meeting of the board of directors of the Crittenton Center. It's luncheon in the Blue Ribbon Room of the Music Center.

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