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London Show Tickets

September 07, 1986|ERIC FRIEDHEIM | Friedheim is editor-publisher of Travel Agent magazine.

Question: On our London trip we want to see several of the top plays and musicals. How can we be sure to obtain tickets?

Answer: Some airline tour packages include theater seats but may not guarantee all hit shows. Tickets usually are available at local agencies but not always for all performances. Best bet is to book here through Keith Prowse, (800) 223-4446, or Edwards & Edwards, (800) 223-6108.

Q: Can I save money on a European vacation if I buy a car there and bring it back?

A: Even with the falling dollar some cars may be cheaper overseas, including shipping, customs and conversion costs. The difference may be big enough to give you a free trip.

Q: Will there be any major celebration next year marking the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution?

A: While it is too early for complete details, numerous cities within the region of the 13 Colonies will have special events, notably Philadelphia, which plans a yearlong program.

Q: On our motoring vacation we'd like to follow the Oregon Trail. How are the roads, facilities, and what's to see?

A: The 2,000-mile route between Missouri and Oregon follows modern highways and passes through numerous cities and towns of historic interest. Lodging and camping sites are abundant. Contact your auto club or for recreational vehicle information, Trailer Life, 29901 Agoura Road, Agoura, Calif. 91301.

Q: I'll be on a foreign tour of several months. Can I renew my passport abroad?

A: It can be renewed at an American Embassy or consulate in foreign countries. The time for processing varies although a passport can be issued in one day if circumstances require it.

Q: I'm confused by ads I've seen for Paradise Island, Bahamas. Some combine it with Nassau, others don't. Are they one and the same?

A: Nassau is actually the name of the main city and tourist area on the island of New Providence. Just a short distance away is Paradise Island, which was once accessible only by boat, but is now connected to Nassau by a toll bridge.

Q: As a World War II veteran I've heard about tours to European battle sites. Are there any to the Pacific?

A: Valor Tours, P.O. Box 1617, Sausalito, Calif. 94966, cruises to numerous island war sites. See your agent for other such trips being marketed.

Q: I'm planning a fall West Indies cruise. When is the hurricane season and what are the possible dangers?

A: Hurricanes can occur in the Caribbean region between midsummer and the end of November. In a normal year, there may be half a dozen. However, cruise ships possess highly sophisticated weather detection facilities, including satellite communications enabling them to give hurricanes a wide berth.

Q: We'd like to visit some of the state fairs and other important annual festivals. Where can we obtain information and dates?

A: If you've decided on your itinerary, write the state tourist offices along the route. These are also located in state capitals. Various travel guides and travel agencies have addresses and calendars of events.

Q: With the dollar worth less, do they expect bigger tips abroad?

A: In restaurants, you're always safe by tipping 15% in local currency if the gratuity hasn't been included in the bill: 10% to 15% is normal for cabs and give the equivalent of 50 cents per bag to bellhops.

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