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Airline Coupon Booklet

September 07, 1986|JACK ADLER

Air New Zealand is providing coupons ranging from $80 to $240 to its full-fare passengers, first, business or economy class, which can be used at selected hotels and Hertz rental car agencies in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Fiji and Tahiti.

Upon departure from Los Angeles or Honolulu, passengers can get booklets with coupons valued at $20 each. If you're going to Australia, for example, you would get six coupons worth $120 as an economy-class passenger; $160 for business or Pacific class, and $240, first class.

If you're going to New Zealand, you would get $100 in coupons for economy class; $140, business, and $200, first class. And to London, the breakdown is $80, $120 and $180.

The coupons can be applied to settlement of bills upon hotel checkout or rental car returns. There are no restrictions on the category of room, car or length of use. Moreover, there is no cutoff date for the coupon offer.

It's important to note that you have to request the coupons when you make your reservation, either through a travel agent or the airline. The booklets are provided at check-in, and they are not given out on an automatic basis.

If you're going to be spending some time in New Zealand, consider getting the New Zealand Travelpass. Up to Dec. 14 an eight-day pass costs $107 per person; a 15-day pass, $140, and a 22-day pass, $188. You can get additional days at $11 a day.

The eight-day pass must be bought in the United States, but the longer passes can also be bought in New Zealand. Each pass can be open dated, but once you begin your travels, use is on a consecutive-day basis. In addition to use of the rail and government-run bus system and the inter-island ferries, the passes provide discounts on some accommodations, private bus services and sightseeing tours.

Contact travel agents or the New Zealand Government Tourist Office at (213) 477-8241.

If you have plans for travel through French Polynesia, look into the new 21-day Tahiti Air Passes that Air Polynesie is launching Oct. 1.

There are six-island and four-island passed priced at about $206 and $317 respectively. The passes can be bought in the United States through airlines serving Tahiti in conjunction with a transpacific ticket on that carrier. You can also buy the pass in Tahiti.

Both passes permit round/circle trips between the key islands to and from Papeete, the capital. For example, on the four-island pass you can visit Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora and Raiatea. The six-island pass also includes Rangiroa and Manihi.

The 21-day passes start from your first flight out of Papeete, with the passes valid for use until Sept. 30, 1987.

Contact travel agents or airlines that serve Tahiti. More information is also available from the Tahiti Tourist Promotion Board at (213) 207-1919.

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