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First Round : Fields, Olivier Shows Win Emmys

September 08, 1986|LEE MARGULIES | Times Staff Writer

Art Direction, Variety or Music Program: Roy Christopher, "The 58th Annual Academy Awards," ABC.

Art Direction, Miniseries or Special: Tony Walton, John Kasarda, Robert J. Franco, "Death of a Salesman," CBS.

Lighting Direction (Electronic), Series: Bob Dickinson, "Solid Gold," syndicated.

Lighting Direction (Electronic), Miniseries or Special: Marilyn Lowey, John Rook, Kim Killingsworth, "Neil Diamond . . . Hello Again," CBS.

Music Composition, Series: Arthur B. Rubinstein, "Scarecrow and Mrs. King," CBS.

Music and Lyrics: Larry Grossman, Buz Kohan for "My Christmas Wish," from "Andy Williams and the NBC Kids," NBC.

Music Direction: Elliot Lawrence, James Lawrence, Lanny Meyers, Tommy Newsome, Glen Roven, Larry Schwartz, Torrie Zito, "The 1986 Tony Awards," CBS.

Costume Design, Series: Alfred E. Lehman, "Murder, She Wrote," CBS.

Costume Design, Variety or Music Program: Bill Hargate, "Sylvia Fine Kaye's Musical Comedy Tonight III," PBS.

Costume Design, Miniseries or Special: Ella Maklakova, Sibylle Ulsamer, "Peter the Great," NBC.

Costuming, Series: Susan Smith-Nashold, Robert M. Moore, Charles Drayman, Anne Winsor, Kathy O'Rear, "St. Elsewhere," NBC.

Costuming, Miniseries or Special: Joie Hutchinson, Vicki Sanchez, Pat McGrath, "North and South, Book I," ABC.

Makeup, Series: Rod Wilson, "Airwolf," CBS.

Makeup, Miniseries or Special: Del Acevedo, Paul Stanhope, "Second Serve," CBS.

Hair-styling, Miniseries or Special: K.G. Ramsey, "Second Serve," CBS.

Hair-styling, Series: Bernadette (Bunny) Parker, "Gather Ye Acorns" episode of "Amazing Stories," NBC.

Sound Editing, Series: Richard Anderson, Wayne Allwine, James Christopher, Geroge Frederick, John Stacy, Burton Weinstein, Lettie Odney, Denise Whiting, Ken Wannberg, "The Mission" episode of "Amazing Stories," NBC.

Sound Editing, Miniseries or Special: David R. Elliott, Dino DiMuro, Mark Friedgen, Mike Graham, Larry Kemp, Joe Mayer, Joseph A. Melody, Stewart Nelson, Gregory Schorer, Eric Scott, Rusty Tinsley, Scot Tinsley, Bill Williams, Russ Tinsley, Daniel A. Carlin, "Under Siege," NBC.

Sound Mixing, Drama Series: William Gazecki, Andrew MacDonald, Bill Nicholson, Blake Wilcox, "St. Elsewhere," NBC.

Sound Mixing, Comedy Series: Michael Ballin, Robert Douglas, Douglas Grey, Thomas J. Huth, "Cheers," NBC.

Sound Mixing, Variety or Music Series or Special: Tom Ancell, David E. Fluhr, "Mr. Previn Comes to Town," PBS.

Sound Mixing, Miniseries or Special: David E. Campbell, John T. Reitz, Gregg C. Rudloff, Keith A. Webster, "An Early Frost," NBC.

Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control, Miniseries or Special: Gene Crowe, Harry Tatarian, Toby Brown, Ed Chaney, Mike Denney, Larry Heider, Pat Kenney, Bob Keys, Dave Levisohn, Wayne Orr, Hector Ramirez, Ron Sheldon, John Palacio, Keith Winikoff, "Neil Diamond . . . Hello Again," CBS.

Special Visual Effects: Phil Tippet, "Dinosaur!," CBS; Michael McAlister, "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor," ABC.

Graphics and Title Design: Betty Green, "Stingray," NBC.

Engineering Development: Stefan Kudelski for his development of the Nagra Recorder, and CBS, Sony and Cinedco for the design and implementation of electronic editing systems for film programs.

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