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Garvey Misses Game With Bad Knee, Ends Streak of 305 Straight Games

September 08, 1986|TOM FRIEND

NEW YORK — Steve Garvey, his right knee swollen as a result of a collision with Gary Carter's shin guards the day before, on Sunday missed his first game since 1984. He had played in 305 consecutive games--a Padre record--but he was hardly sentimental after the streak ended.

"It was a nice streak, a pretty good streak," he said. "A Padre record? Three-hundred games? It was the longest streak going in the National League. Not bad. I came close (to playing). I got to the on-deck circle."

Yes, he nearly kept it going. In the first game of Sunday's doubleheader, the Padres had two men on in the eighth inning--they trailed 6-1 at the time. With Tony Gwynn batting with two outs, Garvey walked into the on-deck circle as a pinch-hitter, but Gwynn lined out to pitcher Dwight Gooden.

And Garvey didn't bat in the ninth because Manager Steve Boros was saving him for an important situation--which never came up. Garvey did not play in the second game either.

Asked if he could have run to first base if he had hit the ball, Garvey said: "Yeah, I could've run. But you would've needed a calender to time me getting down to first base."

Garveysaid he didn't know he was hurt right after the collision on Saturday, but that suddenly there was swelling.

"I somehow strained ligaments behind my knee," he said. "I felt it a little during the game, but I was loose and all. But later, I couldn't lock the knee straight. It was a situation where I didn't feel I could run properly or be agile enough for defense. Like I've always said, if I don't feel I can make a positive contribution, I'm not going to go out and hurt the team."

Then, with a wink, he said: "I'll be ready for San Francisco." The Padres play in San Francisco today.

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