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Santa Ana : County Raising Fees on Two Parking Lots

September 11, 1986|John Needham

The county will double parking prices at two lots it owns near the Civic Center in Santa Ana, effective Oct. 20, the Board of Supervisors decided Wednesday.

The price will increase from 25 cents per half hour to 50 cents and from a maximum of $4 a day to $8.

"The high, long-term rate is intended to discourage long-term parking and the moderate, short-term rate will assure that reasonably priced, convenient parking is available for the general public visiting the Civic Center," a report by the county General Services Agency said.

Ellen Beale of the GSA said the lot, which has entrances on Santa Ana Boulevard and Flower Street, has 965 spaces, more than 200 of which are grabbed by early birds and held all day.

"It impacts so early in the day, and you have people hovering, being late for appointments, hovering as they come to do their business," Beale said. She said the 216-space lot next to the county Hall of Administration fills up later, but still presents a problem.

Beale said both lots originally were intended for the use of people with business at government offices and the courts, but not for government employees.

The county and federal governments have lots for their employees, but the state does not, county officials said.

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