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U.S. Refusal on Global Aid

September 11, 1986

I feel it is very important for the United States to donate its total share of the $12 billion needed for replenishment of the International Development Assn. IDA is the division of the World Bank that loans money to Third World countries, truly the poorest of the poor.

Once again we see politics getting in the way of helping those who are less fortunate than those of us in this country. Why not assure that the United States will have its full veto rights over Japan by committing to the maximum contribution? Isn't that what being the biggest and best means?

The money that IDA loans to Third World countries contributes to raising the standards of living and health in these countries.

The money loaned for primary health care goes to support such things as child immunization, oral rehydration and monitoring of growth. Immunizations alone can save 7 1/2 million lives of children by the end of the century.

This is important to everyone in any country because each of our lives is touched by every other. When one less child dies in Africa, it is the same as one less child dying in Los Angeles or Pasadena.

The United States must fully support IDA to show that we are a country that is truly dedicated to aiding our fellow human beings on the planet.



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