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Cd Static

September 14, 1986

An introductory essay on CD technology in the music section of a major American newspaper in late 1986 ("CD or Not CD?," Sept. 7)? Are you people crazy?

Do you realize that Better Homes and Gardens and the Bradford, Iowa, Penny Pincher ran these sort of articles about a year ago?

I am elated that Terry Atkinson, the music critic, has discovered CD technology. Did he hear about the space shuttle? How about the Cambodian invasion?

I am sorry John Voland, "Hi-Fi Enthusiast" (a pursuit last noted in 1955), objects to CD technology "hacking that oboe solo into bits of information."

Last I heard, human breath was composed of many tiny units called atoms which are hitting that oboe reed over time, in other words, at a certain level. That solo is already "hacked up," pal. The continuity is an illusion!

I dunno, maybe (pop music critic) Robert Hilburn should give these guys IQ tests before he hires them. But who in hell would grade 'em?


Pacific Palisades

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