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Disneyland Union Workers Vote to Ratify New Three-Year Contract

September 16, 1986|DAVID REYES | Times Staff Writer

A three-year contract that includes bonuses, extra night pay and improved benefits for more than 2,000 Disneyland employees was ratified in a vote Monday by union members.

Paul Mihalow, a spokesman for the Joint Council of Teamsters No. 42, said the contract had been recommended for approval by the unions' negotiating committee. The final vote on the agreement was 934 to 389.

Park management was hoping for ratification of the new contract, said Bob Roth, Disneyland spokesman.

"We feel it's a fair and equitable package," Roth said.

The previous two-year contract, which expired at midnight Sunday, was negotiated after Disneyland employees in 1984 went on a 21-day strike, the park's first in its 30-year history.

The new contract affects 2,027 employees, about half the park's 5,000 full-time workers, many of whom are ride operators, janitors, ticket sellers, busboys, warehouse workers and sales clerks.

These union employees are represented by five of the amusement park's 24 unions.

Under the contract, full-time employees will receive a bonus of about $1,000 rather than across-the-board raises, Mihalow said.

Some employees, such as night-shift workers and employee trainers will receive additional premiums.

Also, improvements will include better pension plans, funeral leave with pay, increased vacations and relaxed discipline procedures, Mihalow said.

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