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Huntington Beach : Councilman Kelly Fires His Planning Appointee

September 17, 1986|Lorena Oropeza \f7

City Councilman Jack Kelly fired his Planning Commission appointee, Jean Schumacher, Tuesday after the pair collided in what Kelley called a "philosophical train wreck" concerning the city's downtown redevelopment plan.

Kelly, who appointed Schumacher 6 1/2 years ago, said the commissioner has done "one hell of a fine job." But lately Schumacher and other planning commissioners have been stalling the city's plans to redevelop the downtown area and pier, he said.

"Over the last three to five months, I have had a negative reaction to the actions of the Planning Commission as to downtown redevelopment," Kelly said. "I asked her (Schumacher) why were they acting in a fashion that appeared to slow down everything. We reached an impasse, a philosophical train wreck."

Schumacher, a Huntington Beach resident for 13 years, said she has only been doing her job. "I feel very strongly that what we do with our community has to be with the support of our community, not just according to some developer's whim," she said.

To replace Schumacher, Kelly appointed Kent Pierce, a realtor who has actively supported redevelopment of the downtown area. Pierce, a Huntington Beach resident for 19 years, is a past president of the Huntington Beach Board of Realtors, Kelly said.

Council members Ruth Finley and Peter Green voted against the removal of Schumacher.

"I feel this was very poor timing, considering the political controversy that goes on just prior to an election," Finley said. "It is not conducive to the effective working of the Planning Commission."

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