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Bullet Law

September 19, 1986

Thanks largely to your strong and persistent editorial support, my bill to ban armor-piercing "cop killer" bullets was recently signed by President Reagan. No longer will our police officers be vulnerable to handgun ammunition that can penetrate their bullet-resistant vests.

This was no small achievement. I began this legislative effort at the request of the police community seven years ago. There were a number of obstacles along the way, but the tremendous outpouring of public support for this cause--support generated by your endorsement and discussion of the legislation--made the passage of this bill inevitable.

Significantly, the final legislative product was not some watered-down version of what we set out to do. In the end, there was no compromise on the part of police safety. The new law places a total ban on the public availability of armor-piercing ammunition--what's already out there, as well as any new supply.

We could do no more, and as a 23-year police veteran I want you to know how important your support was to me and the entire law enforcement community.


Member of Congress

19th District

New York

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