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Growing Pains

September 21, 1986

You Calendar people have been going through an awful lot of changes lately.

First you shocked us by coming up with that incredible new innovation, the Color Cover; then just after we'd got used to it, you snatched it away from us, bringing it back weeks later but now accompanied by its brothers Back Page and Centerfold.

Even before this now infamous event, you had casually tried to sneak in things like Letters Annex, the sporadic Pop Box and Outtakes: The Sequel.


But now! Three Letters Annexes (Sept. 14)?!?! Some person-in-charge's inspiration has clearly gone wild. What next--a glossy cover? Staples? Why not simply have a Calendar magazine?

I sometimes wonder if there is anyone among us who can remember Calendar as it once was--a modest, unassuming black-and-white bit of paper hidden somewhere amidst the vast stretches of the Sunday Times, and not a Rolling Stone Revisited.



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